What Makes Your Glass Business Unique?

There is something unique and different about your glass business, have you figured out what it is? The trick to marketing your glass business is to figure out what makes your business unique and exploiting it.

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Our retail marketing expert pals Kizer & Bender recently touched on this theory.

In this competitive world of ours, a big chain does something unique for customers and the others quickly follow suit. The leading independent introduces a new service and a competitor across town adds it, too. Pretty soon everyone is doing the same things to build sales and customers barely even notice. When everyone is doing them the services and conveniences that were once considered cool become just business-as-usual. In other words: boring. In addition to the ideas shared in this video, Rich and Georganne offer 3 additional strategies to help you build your unique customer experience:


Strategy #1: Did you know that 70% of customers will go somewhere else to shop if that somewhere else is more fun? Create a unique customer experience! Stand out. Capitalize on what makes you memorable.

Strategy #2: Create an “elevator commercial”, a 60 second synopsis of what you do. Write it down and memorize it. And then make sure that everyone involved in your business memorizes, too.

Strategy #3: Become a shameless self-promoter. Share your uniqueness on social medias, your blog, website, and in e-mail blasts. Get to know your local medias and send frequent press releases. E-mail us for our easy-to-follow “How to Write a Press Release” instruction sheet.