What Glass Business Owners Need to Know About Facebook’s New Layout

Ed Hoy's Social Media

Facebook has decided to change its page layouts again, which comes as a huge shock to no one. However, before we get frustrated that our options have changed and that we can’t find that event we made last week, let’s take a minute to do some research and really find out how we can work this new layout to our glass business’s advantage.

According to an article published by Yahoo small business advisor, the visual experts at Shutterstock, a site that specializes in stock photography, call the new look “visually appealing” with an “attention-grabbing layout that’s designed to delight viewers. Which, as those of us using Facebook to showcase and garner excitement for our new pieces will agree, is a great, great thing.

In addition to being more visually appealing, the new layout will help customer usability by lining posts in a straight line down the left side of page instead of toggling back and forth. The right side of the new pages will prominently display consumer reviews which Derek Overbey, senior Social Media Manager at VerticalResponse says pays dividends for small businesses. He explains “People love word-of-mouth reviews, and if they see a friend of theirs raving about your place on Facebook, they may be more likely to give it a try”(, 2014).

Probably one of the most interesting changes Facebook is rolling out with its new layout is the option to “watch” your competitors. If you opt to watch other pages, you receive a slew of their analytic information like, engagement, likes and follows. For those of us not really sure how to best use social media to our advantage, this can be a game changer, evening the playing field between those who know, and those late adopters.

Overall it seems that this Facebook update can be, if used properly, hugely beneficial to our industry; prominently featuring reviews, making information more easily accessible and visually stimulating for our consumers, and providing easier to understand analytics. So, never fear fellow glass artists and happy posting!