Realism to Abstraction Glass Class: Kari Minnick

Enhance the visual expression of your art! This class was of particular interest to artists such as printmakers and painters or anyone for whom visual expression in glass is desired. Starting with their own images, photos, clippings, etc., students examined why certain imagery appeals to them, how to isolate the potency of the image, dissect, vary and ultimately move toward meaningful abstraction. Through drawings, paper cut outs and test pieces, students planned a series of works and complete a project(s). Using glass, frit, powder, and stringer, students were introduced to processes that enable strong composition, rich surfaces and depth.

Using multiple-firing processes, students considered both sides of the glass as well as investigate surface texture.

While basic kiln practices were touched upon, the focus of the class was on the expressive use of the materials and creating glass art based on the students signature work. Prior glass experience was beneficial but not required. Artists of other media were encouraged to enroll.