ProFusion Studio Creates Glass as a Tribute to Ed Hoy

A very special “thank you” goes out to our friends at ProFusion Studio who produced this beautiful rose glass as a special tribute to our dear, late Ed Hoy. For those of you who didn’t know Ed, he was passionate about both his rose garden and glass. We are deeply touched!

Many of you know that Dad (Ed Hoy) had a lovely rose garden. He did it so that Mom could have fresh blossoms on the table all season long. Dad tended them and cared for them with a true passion.

Each spring he would uncover and hope that they all survived the winter.

Every bush had a name tag.  When he would occasionally bring one or two to work, he would proudly call the blossoms by name!!!

When the blossoms were in full bloom, people would stop their cars to take a look.  He and Mom made several friends because of that garden.

So, it is in his memory that we offer these unique sheets to you.