Stained Glass Chemicals

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Stained glass projects rely on quality chemicals to produce the best results possible. Cutting oil starts off the project by lubricating the stained glass cutting wheel, ensuring a smooth and precise score. Enhanced grinding of these stained glass pieces can be achieved by adding a coolant to the grinder’s water to extend the life of the bit’s diamonds.

Don’t forget the importance of a good flux when soldering your stained glass project.

Green Soldering?  Absolutely!!!

NO Zinc Chloride
NO Carcinogens
NO Harmful Smoke –  only steams when heated.

EZ 40 Plus flux is a safe flux designed for soldering lead came, zinc or copper foil. It is water soluble, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and bio-degradable. EZ 40 Plus Contains no acids or zinc chloride does not sputter, flows smoothly and leaves no residue. AND EZ 40 Plus has no shipping restrictions!

Patinas change the color of lead and solder lines in a stained glass project to black, copper, or a variety of other dark shades  to add detail to your art work. The darks lines often punctuate the design create great contrast further spotlighting the stained glass used throughout the project.

Novacan’s black patina goes on smoothly and deepens to a rich dark black quickly and easily and washes off completely.