Stained Glass Lamps

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Stained glass lamps date back over a hundred years and they continue to inspire today. The core of the lamp’s beauty is rooted in the art glass used. Many stained glass lamps illuminate flowers, branches dragonflies, peacock feathers or other nature or botanical themes. Densely colored stained glass not only hides the electrical components but also allows the artist to ‘paint’ with the glass – using the grain of the glass, as a painter would use the strokes of their paint brush.

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Ed Hoy’s offers the widest variety of stained glass lamp supplies for you to choose from when creating your handmade lamp. Be sure to visit our online store for all our stained glass lamp supplies.

Stained glass artists have turned to Youghiogheny stained glass lamp supplies time and again for its unique color artistry, to recreate the magnificence of nature’s palate for infusion into their unique creations.

Youghiogheny’s Tiffany Reproduction Mottled Opals are richly colored and deeply layered sheets of glass that add depth to the lamp when back lit.

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Oceana Glass – Handcast Mottles in the Tiffany Tradition.





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