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Dichroic Glass Supplies

Exploring Multifaceted Dichroic Color

Dichroic glass can bring new dimensions of color and light to any glass artwork. So many glass artists choose dichroic glass, dichroic pigments, and dichroic extracts to add a brilliant opalescent shimmer to their projects. It’s metallic characteristics can have two or multiple tones that shift in the light in a gilded optical array.

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Our large inventory of dichroic glass will amaze and inspire your creativity! New patterns and exclusive Ed Hoy offerings enter our warehouse regularly from some of the largest names in the industry, including CBS, Dichro Magic and Profusion Studio. No other supply warehouse is quite as well equipped!

One of the most amazing things about dichroic glass is the infinite number of ways it can be made and used. New dichroic patterns are always popping up, making it one of the best ways to keep your glass art innovative.

Transform Your Art with Our Selection of Dichroic Glass Products

Take your next project to new heights with metallic finished and optical delights of all kinds. We offer many dichroic options, even trichroic (3 colored), or pleochroic (4 or more colored) glass pieces.

We offer dichroic glass in 90 and 96 COE for use in any warm glass project. We carry sheets, scraps, frit, stringers, pre-cut shapes and more. For those of you who are just starting to explore this type of glass in your art, we also carry sample sets to start you off!

Dichroic extract and pigments can help you paint beautiful dichroic patterns right onto your glass projects, allowing you to build on intricate metallic finishes. Dichroic elements can also be blended to your liking for an increasingly complex and dazzling appearance.

Be sure to check out our our most up to date inventory.

The Dichroic Creations of Peggy King


Peggy King

The work of Peggy King illustrates some of the amazing things you can do with your dichroic glass. From deep blue tones to amber hues and everything in between, our glass can help you evoke the fantastic with its multifaceted shimmer.

Lesley Nolan’s Complex Patterns

Lesley Nolan Dichroic Glass

Lesley Nolan

Lesley Nolan is known for weaving dichroic glass into beautifully complex patterns. Subtle pops of color make her patterns dance in the light, achieving a unique vibrance. Her work illustrates dichroic glass’s ability to inject motion into otherwise flat pieces.




We custom order glass supplies on a daily basis. This means that our customers get exactly what they need and still benefit from our wholesale art glass prices. If you don’t see what you want, simply contact Ed Hoy and we will find the right fit for you!

Why incur more shipping costs when we can consolidate your glass order right in our warehouse? We make excellent service our priority, and we know part of that means convenience! Let us handle the legwork, so you can get back to what you do best– making works of art!

Ed Hoy’s International has all the dichroic glass you need to give your art a distinct opalescent shimmer. Browse our selection and discover what you can create!

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