Bevels, Jewels & Rondels

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Designing With Bevels, Jewels & Rondels

Take your stained glass or fused glass designs to new levels of intricacy by adding specialty glass bevels, jewels, and rondels. Our specialty pieces are the perfect accessories for your next glass project. Whether you’re designing a lampshade, window pane, or panel, these accessories can transform any project into a masterpiece.

Adding Specialty and Stock Bevels to your Next Stained Glass Panel

Often used in sidelights and stained glass doors, beveled glass refracts light to add sparkle to any piece. Intricate clusters can be paired with background art glass for highly detailed designs. Beveled glass doors are a great way of adding privacy to an entrance without compromising the flow of light. Cut angles in the glass create a prism of light, adding a unique appeal any custom entryway, transom, or hanging panel.

INFINITY BEVELS offer an innovative and unique idea for bevel clusters! Each of the crystal clear clusters may be used alone, connected together, or with straight line bevels. These are of the highest quality 3/16″ plate glass with precision ground 1/2″ bevels.

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Our vast selection of bevels give you an infinite variety of designs. We encourage every stained glass artist to visit our concept store in Naperville, IL or view our selection online for a glimpse at what we have to offer! For those of you who need large quantities of our supplies, we have an application for exclusive wholesale pricing here!

Adorn Your Stained Glass Art with Jewels

Ed Hoy’s cut jewels come directly from Germany. They add beauty that is unmatched by flat glass, and are a great way to bring intricacy to simple glass pieces. Available in facet, smooth or in specialty patterns, these jewels add complexity and enhancement to every piece of art that they adorn.

Rondels Help Your Stained Glass Designs Take Shape

Our Rondels are handmade, one of a kind works of art. Incorporate them into panels or display them in a beautiful metal stand and let them shine! These glass disks can help you incorporate curves and circles into your design patterns, adding interest to angular projects.

Shop Ed Hoy’s International selection of fine bevels, jewels, and rondels for more intricate, dynamic designs! 

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