Accessory Glass

Art Glass Clay         Bullseye Accessory Glass          Cane 96 COE

Precut Glass 90 COE         Precut Glass 96 COE          System 96 Accessory Glass

UR FX 90 Accessory Glass         Wissmach Frit          82 COE

Accessory Glass Supplies

Our warehouse offers a wide range of accessory glass supplies for every taste and skill set. Glass art accessories are some of our most sought-after materials, and we maintain a great collection of accessory glass for glass fusing, slumping, kiln forming, painting, and more.

Frit or confetti? Noodles or stringers? Casting rocks or billets? Pre-cut shapes or free-formed? Including accessory glass into your projects will take your creative expression to new levels, adding texture, movement, and vibrancy to your glass art designs.

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Accessory Glass, Frit, Noodles, Stringer, Glass Noodles, Glass Stringer, fusing, kiln casting, fusing sheet glassA Broader Selection of Accessory Glass for Boundless Expression

Kiln-forming and lamp-working artists rely on us to provide one of the largest selections of accessory glass supplies in the industry. Ed Hoy’s offers fusible accessory art glass in 90 & 96 COEs as well as 104 & 33 COEs. No need to limit your imagination to one manufacturer!

We offer hundreds of options to keep your artwork fresh and ever-evolving. From Bullseye Glass, System 96, and Northstar Glassworks, to CIM and Effetre, we’re bound to have the right glass accessories for your next fused glass project. Meet our manufacturers and get a glimpse of the range of brands and styles of glass art supplies we carry.

Even a Novice Can Create Awe-Inspiring Glass Art Designs

Explore our line of non-fusible art glass accessory supplies as well to see how they can add value to your next project. If you’re a beginning stained glass student, pre-cut art glass supplies are the perfect way to ensure success.

We offer classes for beginners that can help emerging glass art enthusiasts get a grasp of the wide range of things you can create with the form.

Accessory Glass, Frit, Noodles, Stringer, Glass Noodles, Glass Stringer, fusing, kiln casting, fusing sheet glass


Unique Projects Using Our Art Glass Accessories

There is no limit to the number of ways you can incorporate our glass art supplies. Accessory art glass can turn an otherwise standard glass project into a sui generis design.

You can also try layering any sized grit of glass frit or glass stringer on top of No Day’s Groutless Mosaic Sheet ( # 9003923). Simply heating each piece according to package directions can create bold and complex patterns on a sheet cut to your desired shape.

Noodles, Stringer, Glass Noodles, Glass Stringer, fusing, kiln casting, fusing sheet glass

Can’t Find the Accessory Glass Supplies You’re Looking For? We’ll Get Them For You!

Our warehouse is stocked full of accessory art glass supplies ready for your next fused glass jewelry line or other kiln-formed masterpiece. As glass enthusiasts, we understand that you need something a little different from time to time. Variety is priceless to your creative work, and we’re constantly diversifying to fit your needs.

Because we partner with so many manufacturers, we can easily special order items for you! Don’t hesitate to ask for the perfect size or color for your project.

Contact Ed Hoy’s International today for information, availability, custom orders and pricing for all of your accessory art glass supply needs.


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