Online Contest Idea for Glass Artists

Contests are a great way for glass artists to engage with their audience and boost awareness for their work, all while instilling an atmosphere of fun! The best contests are often the most simple and straightforward. We recently saw a simple, yet genius contest idea from glass artist Helen Kemp that we had to share!

In her eblast to customers and prospects, glass artist Helen Kemp enticed prospective customers to look through her work displayed on Etsy by asking them to count how many “hearts” could be found in her Etsy shop! Participants were forced to look through all of her beautiful creations in order to count the hearts. She instructed participants to email her with the correct number and from the correct entries she would draw one to win a beautiful Disc Bead Necklace.

Helen Kemp Glass Artist

What a fabulous idea! Helen is using resources she already has (a great Etsy shop and an email list) to maximize her visibility and awareness! The more eyeballs you have on your work, the higher your sales will be.

How could you apply the same principle or some variation of it to your glass business? The possibilities are endless.