Oceanside Glass & Tile Announcement

Spectrum Production Commences – Announcement from Oceanside Glass & Tile

The elation of witnessing the first ribbon flow through the forming rollers felt (almost) like the birth of a child. The awe, the powerful presence of something new in the face of serious sacrifice. A pulse, a deep breath, and the moment became a weightless miracle as the glass began its journey through the lehr. Now don’t get us wrong, a human birth certainly bears more significance, and our very own Brandon Byhre (long time Spectrum employee), Vice President of Glass Technology, celebrated the birth of his first daughter with his wife just hours before production began. A truly auspicious time for all our family at Oceanside Glass & Tile.

For those of you in the Art Glass Community who have been patiently waiting for this next chapter of Spectrum production, we formally announce the inaugural roll at OGT. It’s hard to believe it was just over a year ago in May 2016 (391 days to be exact), when the Spectrum announcement shocked us all. It immediately presented a significant challenge to the entire art glass community and seemed like a potential end to a major supplier. Today, it is hard to imagine a better outcome for distributors and artists alike. The owners of Spectrum have provided tremendous resources, guidance and leadership to make sure that their legacy is left in good hands. Craig and Kyle Barker have remained completely committed to seeing the transition through to the best possible future.

This new era of Spectrum Glass production in Mexico is the culmination of optimistic spirits accepting a rather massive challenge and a testament to the incredible power of team work. The entire group from both Spectrum and OGT worked tirelessly for months to bring the production line to fruition. From training and decommissioning the systems to seventy truckloads of equipment, building out the infrastructure and implementing production took a dream team of glass makers who kicked some serious glass! It is humbling to experience the dedication and downright tenacity it took to pull off the project in this timeframe (by coincidence the same as human gestation).

If this were a “Thank You” speech it would take hours, but there are some key individuals that deserve recognition, big hugs, high fives and a round on the house. From the first day OGT employees set foot in Woodinville, WA, Spectrum friends embraced them with a willingness to share, teach and mentor their OGT counterparts. The relationships and resulting cooperation has exceeded all expectations, and we deeply thank the entire team that welcomed OGT and opened the door to this possibility. We value your support and are so grateful for your friendship. In no particular order…Brandon Byhre, Dean Granberg, Rich Rushing, Greg Boxford, Jesus Rios, Randy Hamel, Scandia Wood, Walt Nelson… These glass makers have over 100 years of combined experience, and they brought every bit of that knowledge to OGT.

The operations team at Oceanside Glass & Tile graciously accepts the responsibility for continuing to produce the highest quality glass in the world. We’re extremely excited about the coming months as we ramp up production capacity. This is an awesome beginning to the next chapter in art glass.

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