Northstar Glassworks

Northstar GlassworksNorthstar Glassworks is a small business that lives on experimentation, innovation and through the dedicated artists that use their products. Continuous development and working additions have transformed Northstar Glassworks into the premier borosilicate color glass manufacture. As a result, their fully compatible color palette is the most comprehensive and highest quality in the industry. Due to their dedication, they currently boast over 100 beautiful colors unique to the borosilicate palette and are always experimenting with more. Check out “Abe’s Vault” to see what they’re cooking up next.


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Northstar’s Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is a very durable and versatile glass that allows artists to really get creative. Most noteworthy,  Borosilicate glass retains its vibrant colors and offers a wide and unique color palette to experiment with. In addition to its bright and vibrant colors, Borosilicate glass is one of the most durable glass in the market. Due to it being on the lower end of the thermal expansion scale, the glass can expand and contract at a much lower rate than other glass. As a result, borosilicate’s unique properties allow artists to heat specific sections of their piece, making it ideal for working with large sculptures. Working with borosilicate glass is a very rewarding and engaging experience that continually offers new areas of exploration. Check out our wide selection of borosilicate colors!

Northstar Glassworks Frit

Borosilicate Red Skull

“Frit” is a term that refers to granular crushed glass. Due to its nature, it is regularly used as a means of adding color or texture to artwork. In addition to coloring and texture, artists will sprinkle or layer on Northstar Frit to produce subtle highlights or to create a deeper, darker effect. Experimenting with frit is highly encouraged as there is necessarily no wrong or right way to use it. As a result, experimentation can lead to the discovery of unique effects and refinements to enhance your piece. Check out our full collection here.

Northstar Rods & Pieces (33 COE)

COE 33 (Borosilicate Glass) refers to how much the glass will expand under certain heating conditions. Since borosilicate glass expands and contracts at a much slower rate than most other glass, an artist can reheat borosilicate after cooling without fear of it exploding. As a result borosilicate glass is great for:

  • Organic flowing shapes
  • Resistance to temperature variance
  • Joining separate components to create complex structures
  • Finished product can be used in high heat applications
  • Provides excellent clarity
Northstar Glassworks