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Shop our Retail store on the second Saturday of every month to SAVE 20% on select Boro Glass & Supplies!!! Upcoming Boro Saturday Dates: September…More

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Hot Head Torch – Glass Supplies

THE “HOT HEAD” BEADMAKING TORCH This Hot Head Torch was developed and designed exclusively for the beadmaking industry. The torch head can use MAPP Gas…More

Hakko Tip Cleaner

Hakko makes a product called Hakko Tip Cleaner.  This chemicals paste is best suited for the removal of oxidation on soldering iron tips. This cleaner…More

Toyo Glass Cutter

Toyo Glass Cutter The Pistol-grip Supercutter featuring TOYO’s patented TAP Wheel™ technology and automatic lubrication system is the most trusted tool in the world of art…More

Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

(Sale Expires: Sunday, October 9th) This glass cutting system aids in scoring angles and straight edges to create basic shapes or strips. This product was designed…More

A Farewell to Uroboros Art Glass

Manufacturer of the Month: Uroboros It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Uroboros, like many other impeccable glass producers in the United States…More

Uroboros Glass Announcement

It will be yet another shock in a tumultuous year in the glass industry, but it has become unavoidable. After 43 ½ years of continual…More