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Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

(Sale Expires: Sunday, October 9th) This glass cutting system aids in scoring angles and straight edges to create basic shapes or strips. This product was designed…More

A Farewell to Uroboros Art Glass

Manufacturer of the Month: Uroboros It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Uroboros, like many other impeccable glass producers in the United States…More

Uroboros Glass Announcement

It will be yet another shock in a tumultuous year in the glass industry, but it has become unavoidable. After 43 ½ years of continual…More

Oceanside Glastile

    Oceanside Glasstile Oceanside Glasstile Carlsbad, CA – September 2016 – It´s like that tingly feeling in your toes after finishing a race, like…More

Spectrum Glass Company Announcement

September 22, 2016 Dear Spectrum Glass Customer;   At long last we have some wonderful and exciting news to share with you about Spectrum Glass…More