Meet Featured Glass Artist Fahan Sky Mcdonagh


Fahan Sky McDonagh, Glass Instructor at the Florida Institute of Technology, earned a degree in Painting from the University of Central Florida. Armed with her painting skills, she went to work painting on glass for a flameworker and she fell in love with glass. She is a professional art teacher with many years of experience but also considers herself a student for life. Fahan has recently completed a Masters of Fine Art specializing in glass from Rochester Institute of Technology. She creates sculpture using many different glass techniques. To learn more about Fahan, click here.

Fahan is teaching a Building with Layers: Pate de Verre class in July 2015 at Ed Hoy’s International.  Pate de Verre is the process of creating a paste like consistency with glass frits and powders mixed with a binding agent. This paste, when carefully packed or layered into the interior walls of a plaster/silica mold, create very unique glass art.

Students will learn to use Pâte de Verre techniques to create 2-3 pieces. Beginning with a small tile, students will explore various methods of mold making, color placement and texture. They will also investigate 3D space through a cup or small bowl. Finally, students will create a small fusing of their own design to pair with their vessel. Click here to enroll in Fahan’s class.