Master Class with Gloria Badiner: Kiln Formed Glass Master Mold Making

In this week-long class, glass artists were able to take kiln-forming into the third dimension by exploring the many ways to create glass within a mold. Students had hands-on experience with silica/plaster molds including open faced, reversed carved, lost wax, pate de verre and multi-part forms.

Flexible materials and commercial molds were explored to create multiples from the same positive. Structural reinforcements using wire and fiberglass was emonstrated for enhanced strength. The use of cullet and billets as well as kiln loading and firing was integral to this session. Coldworking and post-firing cleanup was demonstrated as well as kiln firing of the completed sculpture to finish the work with a fire polished surface.

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“Gloria is one of the best instructors I’ve had at any place I’ve studied (Penland, Corning, Urban Glass etc.) The coldworking and finishing sections were invaluable!” – Lynn D.