Master Class Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry Boot Camp: Tanya Veit

Are students asked for more time with Tanya Veit and we provided it! This class was fast-paced and very intense for five days. This was a Master Class combining techniques from her hit workshops:

  • Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry 1 – Breaking the Rules and
  • Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry 2 – The Other Side.

Since the class was five full days, projects were able to be completed from beginning to end – including the multiple fused scenic jewelry. Techniques include her infamous Picasso Jewelry technique, creating 5 layer scenic landscape jewelry pieces, dichroic engraving, REAL donut disc pendants, powder techniques, glass stenciling, funky frit pendants, creating patterns in glass, painting techniques, setting pieces in silver, professional finishing techniques with the tile saws, lap wheels, sandblasters and drill press.