Manufacturer Spotlight: CBS Glass

Manufacturer of the Month: Coatings By Sandberg (CBS)

CBS is a leading manufacturer of dichroic glass coatings, delivering some of the brightest, pearlescent glass in the industry. Their bold colors and styles are truly a unique experience, which is why they’re always available for sale here at Ed Hoy’s International.

Dichroic Mosaic Art

Michelle Greenwood Brown’s ‘Firecracker Wishes’

Dichroic Beauty and Versatility

The masterminds at CBS can coat any glass, making it the perfect brand for lampworking, glass blowing, stained glass, beadmaking, glass fusing, slumping, architectural glass, coldworking, and just about anything else you can dream up.

It’s combination of beauty and flexibility make CBS the ideal glass for artists’ who love to experiment in a multitude of projects. Dichroic glass has both a transmitted (clear) and reflective (opaque) color. These 2 colors shift depending on the angle of view,  so you can find the perfect fit for your project, no matter what it is!  

Because of the versatile nature of their glass coatings, we feature all kinds of their products in 90 COE, 96 COE, 104 COE pigments, and decals.


Take a Tour of the CBS Factory…

Curious about how dichroic glass gets it’s otherworldly look?

Take a tour of the CBS factory for a glimpse into the world of dichroic glass coating.

Innovation in Dichroic Glass

The brilliant glassmakers at CBS are always creating new dichroic products based on artists’ input, and their new creations are a pleasure to share with fans here at our warehouse. What’s more, their coatings extend far beyond the shimmering dichroic you expect.

Dichro Cat Eyes

Artwork by Kate Macleod using Dichroic glass and Dichroic extract.

They offer dichroic products featuring 3, 4, or more shades at once. You can even create projects that glow in the dark using their powders and decals. Our CBS product selection also features a variety of patterns, including scales, splashes, swizzles, coy fish, crinkles, foliage, swirls, spheres, zebra patterns, and more.

The best part: new CBS creations are being made and delivered all the time. Be sure to take a look at our new products page for more of the latest additions to the Ed Hoy’s inventory.

Visit our dichroic page to learn more about the dichroic glass products we have available, or Visit our online store to browse our selection of new CBS decals and fire strips!