Manufacturer of the Month: Creation is Messy

Seattle-based Creation is Messy (CiM) is a favorite among glass blowers. Known for their vibrant selection of colors and styles, this quality lampworking brand has been taking 104 COE glass to new dimensions, making experimental styles more accessible than ever to wayward glass artists looking for a more eclectic palette.

Their company was founded in 2006 with the mission of granting beadmakers, glassblowers, and everyone in between a wider variety of 104 compatible glass to work with, and they’ve certainly been succeeding in their mission since.

Their vibrant lampworking supplies are second to none when it comes to marrying price with quality. The CiM line of glass products has been making enormous fans out of boro workers, both new and seasoned. Their commitment to excellence and fair pricing make them a force to be reckoned with in the art glass world, and we’re always thrilled when a new shipment comes in. If you’re ready to expand your soft glass collection, you can browse our latest 104 COE rods and stringers here.

Glass Rods from Creation is Messy 

Creation is Messy Compatibility

Creation is Messy glass is always tested for compatibility, and they put their materials through a rigorous series of tests to ensure that their glass products are safe to use in your studio. The brand is known for using the Trident Seal Test to ensure that their products meet industry standards, testing their glass against Effetre, Vetrofond, and Lauscha brands.

Here’s what CiM has to say about their compatibility testing process.

In order to develop relevant information for the glass artist, all Messy Color™ is trident seal tested at the factory to within ±2.0 points on the polarimeter (±20 nm/cm) relative to the basic clear glasses of the major players. Instead of working against a standard “104 COE”, we decided to use the base clears that are most used by lampworkers as our “standard” glasses. This will yield more relevant information for the artist than some arbitrary standard. What you work with is relative to you and your processes.

While researching standards for our product offering, we verified that each manufacturer’s “104 COE” line of products has variations within their own product offerings. As many know, the product lines span a wide range of potential compatibilities. Messy Color™ is developed to be compatible within the median range of the existing product lines’ clear bases.

You can learn more about Creation is Messy and their compatibility testing on their website.

Creation is Messy Glass at Ed Hoy’s International

Our glass products are second to none in terms of selection and pricing. As the nation’s foremost wholesale glass distributor, we’re truly committed to providing our customers with the art glass tools, accessories, and pieces to breathe new life into a long-forgotten sector of the art world, once again demanding attention as an artform and a thing of beauty.

CiM too shares our mission, which is why we’re offering their bold and beautiful rods and tubing at a special discount this month only. Through to the end of August, get 20% off your favorite CiM products. From scintillating iridescents to rich brights, they’ll have everything you need to create multidimensional and multifaceted works of art.

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