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Working with Solderfields

Level: All Skill Levels

Cost: $275
Loyalty Rewards: $250

Working with Solderfields

with Cathy Claycomb

Take all 3 of Cathy’s classes: $740 / $675 Loyalty Rewards

New from Cathy Claycomb’s “Let’s Learn Something Different” series of nationally touring classes.

Learn to design stained glass without light transmission.  Individual design is encouraged.   Create high profile “solder field” with decorative, sculptured solder on which to design a contemporary work.

Begin with a dramatically shaped base: explore hanging apparatus, surface preparation, full solder coverage and reinforcing techniques.  Add main focus and peripheral glass decoration directly to solder surface.  Discuss and execute engineering principals and weight support system.   Add further drama with patina techniques that highlight the unexpected juxtaposition of richly textured solder and smooth glistening glass.


Working with Solderfields