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The Watercolor Effect

Level: All Skill Levels

Cost: $850
Loyalty Rewards: $795

The Watercolor Effect

with Michael Dupille

In this workshop you will discover how create imagery in glass that has the feel, vitality and expressive qualities of a watercolor. I have been doing watercolors since my childhood and integrate a great deal of that knowledge in my kiln formed glass work and workshops. I have developed this process as a result of those experiences and also as a way to reflect the same feeling as a painted piece. Using glass as our ‘pigment’ we utilize the properties of the material to express that unique character; color, depth, and transparency.  We will also explore various techniques on how use dichro for enhancing these ideas. The results are visually breathtaking!  Learn about color combinations, how to use colors (and frit) effectively as well as multiple firing schedules. This is a great opportunity to pick up a lot of good general kiln formed technical knowledge from one of the top teachers and innovators in the industry.

Michael has a personable, informative style of teaching and will gladly address issues and questions regarding the direction of your work or technical problems.

Previous fusing experience required, but not much…if you can cut glass-you are in!  There is always a range of beginners to advanced folks…a great chance to share.



The Watercolor Effect