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The Portrait Matter

Level: All Skill Levels

Cost: $995
Loyalty Rewards: $950

The Portrait Matter

Miriam Di Fiore

Making extreme realistic portraits with glass powders in fusing.

Miriam Di Fiore loves making portraits using glass powder, a tiny sifter and heat. She feels that being able to draw or paint life-like images depends very much on our ability to see and understand the forms of what we are seeing and how these three-dimensional shapes can be translated into a two-dimensional plane.

During this class, students will practice this “translation”, strictly by hand, realizing various portraits with glass powders, both monochrome and colored, and experience various forms of finishing. Portraits will be done on glass sheets with powders and frits.

Miriam invites her students to bring photographs of their loved ones, self-portraits and photographs of their animal friends. No experience is required in fusing but it is necessary to bring a bunch of patience and a lot of passion!

The Portrait Matter