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Tempered Glass Mosaics

Level: All Skill Levels

Cost: $225
Loyalty Rewards: $195

Christine Stewart

Tempered glass is a fascinating medium … one that is delicate and crystalline in appearance.
Tempered glass or safety glass breaks in a differing manner to non-tempered glass. Instead of breaking into sharp shards it shatters into a matrix of small pebble shapes which do not have sharp edges.
You will learn how to shatter the glass safely, compose the designs, incorporate fused inclusions, beads, paper … maybe works on paper such as poetry, images, patterned or textured papers … and finally embellish with acrylic enamels to enhance your project and emphasize the crazed or crackled textures.
In this class you will be working with a clear base sheet of glass approximately 8 x 12 “.
The completed project will be framed.

Time: 9am – 4pm

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Tempered Glass Mosaics