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Mandala & Cave Art

Level: Advanced

Cost: $850
Loyalty Rewards: $795

Richard La Londe

Richard La Londe will begin by designing a Mandala and over three days using sheet glass, crushed glass frit mixtures, the liquid glass line method, multiple firings, we will create glass tiles. Using a rotary diamond engraver we will etch a pattern into silver foil and fuse into glass tiles. Then we will fabricate an aluminum mounting system and adhere these tiles into a pattern to create our 14” x 14” Mandala wall piece.

On the fourth day we will use stencils along with the liquid glass line and silver foil to create imagery for our multi-layer 8” x 8” Cave Painting which we will mount on aluminum for wall hanging.

Richard La Londe began fusing in 1980 and is known for his brightly colored images drawn with crushed glass and fused into murals and vessels. He has written two informative books, Richard La Londe: Fused Glass Art and Technique and Richard La Londe and Friends – Book II.

Time: 9am – 4pm

richard la londe



Mandala & Cave Art

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