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Powder Play

Level: Intermediate

Cost: $725
Loyalty Rewards: $675

Powder Play

with Holly Cooper

As bead makers we are always looking for new ways to use materials to lend a uniqueness to our work. In this class we will explore glass powders in new and interesting ways. Enamels and powdered frits will be our paints, interesting methods of application will be our brush, glass beads, our canvas. We will examine and explore color interaction: how colors enhance one another, choosing a color palette and how color creates luminosity and visual depth.

Bring your imagination and willingness to play!

The first part of the class will be devoted solely to glass powders and how to use them to add texture and color to your bead designs. As we progress, we will focus on the addition of stringer design and how to apply them using powders to add another level of color and texture to the bead surface.


Powder Play