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Lost Wax Kiln-Casting for Function

Level: Intermediate

Cost: $1295
Loyalty Rewards: $1250

Lost Wax Kiln-Casting for Function with Nathan Sandberg

Lost wax kiln-casting has an unfair reputation of being complex, messy, risky, even dangerous! The truth is that some (not all) of those descriptions are true….But that’s what makes it great! Nathan has been using these methods in a confined space for years. Join him in this five day workshop to learn how to exploit the benefits of lost wax kiln-casting, cleanly, in a home studio. This workshop focuses on kiln-casting thin walled, truly functional glass vessels using the lost wax approach to mold making. Along the way, Nathan will teach students will how to blend glass frits and powders to develop a personalized color pallet for kiln cast glass projects. Daily activities will include demonstrations, lectures and plenty of hands on work time.  All skill levels are welcome but those new to working with their hands should be prepared to be challenged.



Lost Wax Kiln-Casting for Function