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Stained Glass: From Design to Display

Level: Intermediate

Cost: $695
Loyalty Rewards: $650

Stained Glass: From Design to Display with Joseph Cavalieri

This class encompasses all aspects of making a stained glass panel, from design and production, to mounting the work in a 10 x 10 inch frame, lit with LED lighting. Many samples will be made in class, plus one frame and LED lights will be provided to each student to professionally mount and display a work made in class. Techniques covered including painting, pen-and-ink drawing, and air-brushing with enamels, sand-blasting and cut paper processes, mounting and adding a LED lighting system. We will use premixed enamel paints which are added to the surface of the glass, then kiln fired, then copper foiled and soldered.

Skill level: Perfect for students that know the Tiffany Technique, and want to expand their knowledge further.


Joseph Cavalieri


Stained Glass: From Design to Display