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Classic Poppies with Craig Mitchell Smith

Level: All Skill Levels

Cost: $895
Loyalty Rewards: $850

Classic Poppies with Craig Mitchell Smith

During this three-day class, renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith will share the making of his famous classic poppies. He has poppies displayed at Disney’s Epcot Center and in homes and gardens across the nation. Students will take home one spectacular hand made classic poppy for their wall or garden.

Day 1 Craig will share all of his tips and tricks and techniques for creating this classic flower.  This includes Craig’s template and free form style of cutting and construction, adding flair and style to each blossom created.

Day 2 Students will learn radically unique slumping techniques, using surprising materials to make their poppies come alive.

Day 3– Students will learn the nuanced details of presenting their poppies for wall mounted interior presentation or stemmed for an exterior garden installation.





Classic Poppies with Craig Mitchell Smith