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Borosilicate Marbles II: Twists & Swirls

Level: Intermediate

Cost: $150

Have a taste for flame working with borosilicate glass and interested in learning more? Borosilicate Marbles II will guide you through intermediate marble making steps to create marbles full of twists and swirls.  This one day 4-hour session will begin with a discussion of marble design followed by a demonstration. Students will learn to make stringers and apply them to their marble, use colored glass rods to create stripes, and use clear glass rods to encase design elements on the surface of their marble. With attention to the marble’s position in the flame, students will control how the heat travels through the glass to create crisp twists and swirls. There will be plenty of hands-on practice to design and create a window swirl and double twist marble. For your safety, please wear cotton clothing, closed toed shoes and be sure to pull back long hair.

Prerequisites: Intro to Borosilicate Marbles or experience with dual fuel torches and have flame working experience such as making simple marbles or beads using borosilicate glass.

(1) – 4 Hour Session

Date: Saturday, June 8th

Time: 10am – 2pm


Boro Marbles 2




Borosilicate Marbles II: Twists & Swirls