Paul Messink

Paul Messink, owner of Turtle Bay Glass, is a renowned glass artist who specializes in kiln-formed glass. Paul’s kiln forming technique is unique in that he draws on prior drawing and painting experience to create hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that present nature in deep dimension. Customers frequently ask if a photograph has been embedded in layers of glass when in reality he has only applied the enamel by hand. He creates depth using several techniques include layering, diminishing size and color, texture, and translucence. He typically use 9-12 layers of glass, then kiln-cast them into a solid panel after all layers are complete. As the largest wholesale art glass distributor in North America, we were honored that Paul chose us as his art glass supplier. He was a long-time customer before he came on-board as a glass educator in 2014. His first class filled quickly and received RAVE reviews. Paul was also the winner of one of our Fan Favorite contests on Facebook. We look forward to growing our partnership with Paul in 2015.

“Ed Hoy’s is one of the most important companies I work with. They have great products, education, and services, to be sure. But it’s their staff that make the difference. They have always been friendly and very, very helpful. I love working with them.”