Paul Housberg, owner of Glass Project, Inc., is a RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) trained artist who creates stunning site-specific works in glass for corporate, hospitality, healthcare. and public environments. Paul is well known for his unique applications of glassworking technologies in architectural settings. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design, he studied in England with Patrick Reyntiens, a pioneer in contemporary stained glass. Later, as a Fulbright Scholar, Paul pursued his art at the International Center of Glass Research (CIRVA) in Marseilles, France. Paul’s work is lively and full of beautiful colors. He uses mostly Bullseye Glass which he purchases from Ed Hoy’s International. Paul’s work has been on the cover our catalog and continually inspires us with his beautiful artwork.

“My work explores the juxtaposition of order and randomness, as well as the natural human tendency to seek pattern in chaos, our persistent desire to find meaning in disorder. I’m inspired by the ordinary, yet strangely beautiful, phenomenon of degradation—weathered paint on shingles, peeling billboards, rusted metal siding—ordered objects altered by the haphazard effects of nature and time. I work in glass because it can be both transparent and reflective, elusive and tactile, pristine and gritty—in other words, an ideal medium for these pattern-defying and pattern-finding games.”