Featured Glass Artist: Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton, owner of Zaximo Studios, is a contemporary glass artist. Her passion for botanicals and oceanic sea life lends itself to a collection of glass forms that celebrate complex layering of form, space and shadowing. Michelle describes her glass compositions as sculptural vessels. They investigate the elegant configurations and radial symmetry found in botanicals and sea forms providing rhythm to the balance of material and soul. The collection is created with the use of fused glass elements. Their format and design pay homage to the stratified components found in natural sea life and horticultural beds. The translucent and opaque colors are used to create loft and additional depth that not only celebrates the alluring draw of glass but also creates the illusion of a new material that softens with a skin like quality.

Michelle loves to share her knowledge, skill and artistic vision. She has taught at numerous art institutions, universities and educational platforms. Her fervent dedication and veneration for the arts is shared with her students, it is something she takes great pride in. Not only is Michelle a small business owner that runs a successful private glass studio for her own work, but has she also created a mobile glass studio.

Michelle came to us as a new business owner looking for a glass supplier to help support her growing business in every aspect. We are happy to have her join us in our glass classroom during 2015.

“Ed Hoy is an integral part of my creative process. Not only do they offer the broadest range of high quality materials and products, but their customer service team has always gone above and beyond to make sure that your order and is smooth and your technical questions are answered. Ed Hoy is our first and last stop for all things glass!”