Featured Artist: Tom Sourlis & Twyla Butler

The Art of ‘Thin Fusing’

Sourlis Jelly FishPioneers in the art of ‘thin fusing, Tom Sourlis and Twyla Butler of Sourlis Glass Studio

are known for their gossamery sculptural pieces. They’re intricate fused glass figures call attention to the delicate nature of glass, pushing the boundaries of traditional glass fusing. From lampshades to abstract fused panels, Sourlis Glass Studios works their gauze-like glass into ethereal forms that seem to defy the possibilities of fusible glass.

The almost-iridescent tendrils of the jellyfish here pictured are impossibly suspended in this beautiful panel.

Designed to appear like laboratory specimens, these membranous forms eerily mimic the biology of one of the most fragile creatures in the ocean.

The 30” by 7” spiral-shaped floral piece (pictured below on the left) is yet another large and delicate construction.

Designed with bellowing petals, it appears at once soft and sharp, evoking a pinwheel spiraling in the wind.Sourlis Tom Artwork on Display Now at Ed Hoy's International


Tom and Twyla perfectly capture soft, flowing organic forms in so many of their works, toying with negative spaces to achieve a uniquely airy effect.

Tom Sourlis LampshadeThe table lamp pictured, not unlike the jellyfish, is fused until paper-thin, exuding a whimsical glow.The shade on this table lamp is so thin that the membranous glass contains tiny perforations.

The effect of light passing through the incredibly thin surface creates a stark contrast between the luminous background and the dark foliage fused into the foreground.

Watch a master at work as Tom demonstrates this meticulous, experimental fusing technique:

We are proud to display the works of these talented glass artists in our store! For a first-hand glimpse at Sourlis Glass Studio’s technical skills, visit our Concept Store. 

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Happy fusing!