Featured Glass Artist: Sasha Zhitneva

Sasha Zhitneva is one of the most eclectic glass artists we’ve featured yet, achieving tremendous success in the art glass world for works ranging from stained glass to kiln-formed jewelry. Her varied works all express a distinct eye for design, reflecting her international training and mastery in architectural and fine art mediums.

Making Art with Recycled Materials

She is also a pioneer in reFusing, taking a strong stance in favor of creating art from recycled materials. With glass in particular, the results of this can be an incredible expression. Her latest series of recyclable glass art projects, aptly titled reFused, are a force to be reckoned with and Offers inspiration to the next wave of eco-conscious glass artists around the world. From gorgeous chandeliers to commissioned installations around the world, her innovation is just the beginning of a new way of looking at the materials used in art and life.

Fused Panels Bursting with Life

Her work captures an astonishing amount of energy, often featuring expressionistic mosaic shapes formed into distinct and geometric patterns. Her eye for the flow of color and light creates a vibrant effect that bursts with personality, each panel expressing a new and distinct energy. Some of her works are amorphous and multi-dimensional, almost cellular, teaming with expressive power, and winking at the great artists and styles of the past.

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