Nancy Weisser is a glass artist who specializes in drawing with frit. Using various grits, colors, and layers to create lines and shading, the effects of which are akin to fine charcoal or ink drawings.

The wistful and unapologetic sketch effects bring life and dimension into flat art glass. It breathes life and charm into her skillfully composed glass panels. Drawing on the art of fine pencil drawing, Nancy Weisser creates flawless line drawings. It often incorporating stark contrast with finely veiled shadows to build dimension in monochromatic shades.

Nancy Weisser Glass ArtistTeaching a Timeless Art

Nancy Weisser is not only famous for her impeccable line drawings, but also for her teaching skills. She has taught several workshops right here at the Ed Hoy’s studio and is will be here this May. Nancy is renowned for her impactful teaching style. It’s always a pleasure to watch her students flourish under her world class instruction. The glass kimonos pictured above are just some of the stunning works of art that her students have gone on to do, these are currently housed in her gallery. 

Learning to Work with Powders on Glass

Here’s some information about using powders on glass , and you can browse our latest Technique page on the subject here to get started. 

Finding Our Powder Frit OnlineStudying Glass Art under Nancy Weisser

With a bit of glass art training and our extensive selection of fine powder frit, you too can develop line drawings and sketches on glass panels. The multitude of grits available at our online store offers a wide variety of creative possibilities to new and seasoned glass artists. Ready take your work to the next level? You can browse our selection of powder frit by COE online here.

We carry various brands, grits, and colors for you to explore. Whether you’re looking for something compatible with your existing art glass, or seeking materials for a whole new project, we have the right COE and style to help you flourish.

Like her work? You can view more of Nancy Weisser’s artwork on her website.