Featured Glass Artist: Fahan Sky Mcdonagh

Fahan Sky McDonagh, Glass Instructor at the Florida Institute of Technology, earned a degree in Painting from the University of Central Florida. Armed with her painting skills, she went to work painting on glass for a flameworker and she fell in love with glass. She is a professional art teacher with many years of experience but also considers herself a student for life. Fahan has recently completed a Masters of Fine Art specializing in glass from Rochester Institute of Technology. She creates sculptures using many different glass techniques.

To Fahan, glass has been an endlessly inspiring medium that elevates her work and gives her the freedom to visually express these ideas. Fragility and transparency are unique qualities of glass that visually interpret the experience of light and shadow, ephemeral space and the temporality of nature.

Fahan is inspired by the bits of magic between experiences and objects often dictated by time. She uses observation to catalog experiences or feelings and then works to intuitively translate them into sculpture.

We are excited to have Fahan joining our Ed Hoy education family in 2015. We have many students already excited learn from her.

“Glass is Zen. Making work with glass brings present moment awareness. I can express emotive responses to my environment using its inherent qualities of light, shadow, contour line, ephemerality and fragility.”