Artist Spotlight: The Stained glass artwork of Bogenrief Studios

Bogenrief Studios is one of our closest long-term glass customers and friends. As one of the nation’s top performing stained glass artists’, they offer a beautiful range of artfully produced chandeliers, ceilings, window panes, and blown glass works of art.

Drawing inspiration from traditional glass arts and cross-cultural thematics, this glass team is a force to be reckoned with. The power of their work has to be seen, to be felt, bringing light, texture, color, and lines into masterful pieces. Using streakies, bevels, opalescents, and mottles, as well as traditional cathedral glass, this studio has easily become one of the most versatile and widely recognized stained stained glass art studios in the nation.

A Brief History of Bogenrief

Stained Glass from Bogenrief Studios featuring Bevel Designs

Bogenrief Studios is one of the more unlikely stories among glass artists. Initially nothing more than a fascination, the pursuit of glass didn’t become a viable option until a strike at the Iowa meatpacking plant where they worked. In an unexpected turn of events, they found themselves restoring antique stained glass windows, and it wasn’t long before they started experimenting with stained glass designs of their own.

Now their work public and private collections across the country, bringing this traditional artform to the fore as an art not solely reserved for cathedral windows.


Discover The Stained Glass Artwork of Bogenrief

Take a look at their online gallery for more amazing stained glass and blown glass work by their artists.

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