Hot Head Torch – Glass Supplies


This Hot Head Torch was developed and designed exclusively for the beadmaking industry. The torch head can use MAPP Gas tanks gives more oxygen to the head for truer, clearer and more vibrant colors. Inexpensive it needs no elaborate fuel or oxygen tanks. It’s super easy to set up and the ideal way to get started making glass beads!

Below are some basic steps to set-up your torch:

  1. Before attaching your torch to fuel tank, check the valve control to be sure it is fully closed by turning the knob clockwise. Be careful not to over-tighten,
  2. Thread your torch onto the fuel tank(or hose). Turn to the right until they are seated hand tight. Do not use a wrench to tighten. Hand -tightened only.

Each Hot Head Bead Torch is carefully examined and tested, before being packaged in an Indestructo tuck box.  Included with the torch is a sheet containing the following information:
Important Safety Information will come with the product.

  • Instructions for setting up your torch and work space.
  • How to light the torch and adjust the flame for optimum bead
    making qualities
  • Simple troubleshooting for poor colors during bead making and
    torch behaviors which are usual or not well understood
  • Warranty information

Remember to never reach or lean across the “flame line” of your work area. If you must get a tool on the opposite side, go behind the torch to get it.

If you smell gas during use, turn off the torch and remove the fuel source. Contact us for assistance at

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