Have Empathy for Your Glass Customers


Marketing Expert Seth Godin said in a recent blog post, “Great marketers have empathy.” And he is absolutely correct.

In order to build your business you need to connect with your customers in a very real, deep, sincere and empathetic way. Customers buy from artists they like, know, and trust.

What better way to build that trust than to show some empathy and true compassion.

If your customer is having a bad day? Learn why and make it better.

Do you sense that a customer is stressed? Offer them a cup of calming tea and a warm smile.

Did you learn of the death of someone your customer is close to? Send flowers or some encouraging words in a card.

Have a studio client who lost their job? Offer them a free class until they get back on their feet.

Don’t be afraid to care. Somewhere along the way, business wrongly told us that we need to be cold and always mindful of the bottom line in business in order to grow. That’s simply not true. While business metics and the bottom line are really important, they shouldn’t outweigh the human side of your business.

Show customers that you care, truly care and you’ll have a loyal customer and raving fan for life.