Hakko Tip Cleaner

Hakko makes a product called Hakko Tip Cleaner.  This chemicals paste is best suited for the removal of oxidation on soldering iron tips. This cleaner can also be used for re-tinning tips.

Soldering Iron Tips:

Using a quality solder will go a long way to in keeping you tip working properly. Impurities in the metals used to make solder will collect on the iron as you work. This causes the to work less efficiently, degrades the surface, and requires more frequent cleaning.

Keep the tip clean when you work.  Have a damp sponge handy to occasionally wipe your tip on whole soldering to remove residues that collect. A properly cleaned tip is bright and shiny. Keeping the tip clean is important but constantly wiping it on a wet sponge can cause early tip failure.

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hakko tip cleaner