Glass Jewels

You can use glass jewels in a variety of ways but dominantly in art glass. If your creating stained glass, fused, or hot glass, any artist can incorporate a glass jewel.

These quality jewels are great for lead caming, copper foiling, and adhesive technology.

Brief History

During the Victorian era, stained glass artisans often included glass “jewels” in the windows they created for their wealthy patrons. These craftsmen used the jewels to create a frame to encircle important parts of the design, or studded the repetitious border with jewels, alternating them with plain strips of colored glass. They might also use these jewels to depict the centers of flowers, or to emphasize important centers of interest.

Later, the glass jewels took on an important function when the style for jewels in ornate jewel boxes and cigarette boxes became important. They were use to depict butterfly bodies, flower centers, grapes, and crowd scenes in bull-fights. In hanging window ornaments they soon became important for owls’ eyes, wombat ears, large caviar, and similar things.

Jewels are now in great demand for jewelry work, such as ear rings, pendants, fusing projects and the like.

Our offering covers almost the entire gamut of possibilities, and we solicit your interest in obtaining some of these jewels for your next project.

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Jewel Shapes and Sizes

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