Getting Your Art Glass Business Ready for the Holiday Season

Believe it or not the Holiday Season is right around the corner and the time to get your art glass business ready for it’s most profitable Holiday Season yet is NOW. The more your plan and prepare now, the more your hard work will payoff and provide a boost to your bottom line. Our friends Kizer and Bender recently wrote a blog post about gearing up for Holiday sales. Check out the article below from their, Pre-Holiday 2013 Homework post.

Are you ready to get ready for Holiday 2013? Time’s a wastin’! That old adage, “Retail is in the details” is never truer than it is during the holidays. Those details, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, that may not seem so important when the thermometer reads 75, but they make all the difference in the world when you have a store-full of impatient shoppers on December 15th. Ready to make your Holiday 2013 Things to Do List? Let’s go!

1.  Plan your holiday in-store events. This is not an option. You need to host at least one major and one to two minor events every week in November and December. And you need to do something to thrill shoppers on Black Friday. Type “event ideas” in the search box above and you’ll find lots of great ideas or visit for a copy of our holiday planning e-book with Australia’s Debra Templar that’s loaded with event ideas and fully customizable templates.
2.  Hire seasonal staff. You can teach people how to work with customers, but you can’t teach nice, so choose your temp staff with care. This is the time of year when testy shoppers get well, even testier. Commit to a training schedule, and partner each new hire with a seasoned associate who can mentor them throughout their holiday employment.

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