Getting Your Art Glass Business Ready for the Holiday Season – Part 2

In the first part of Getting Your Art Glass Business Ready for the Holiday Season, our friends Kizer and Bender gave you a few homework items to get your business jump started for the Holiday season. In their follow up post they have provided even more valuable advice and homework to get you ready for the best Holiday sales season yet!

So far your Holiday Things to Do List includes Planning your holiday in-store events, hiring seasonal staff, and covering the basics. Let’s continue.

4. Choose a holiday theme. What’ll it be this year? Home for the Holidays? Victorian Christmas? It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, or The Nutcracker? Whatever store décor theme you choose, go for it! These over the top displays have a job to do: put customers in a happy mood to spend. So, set your windows to sell, play holiday music, and holiday-ize your dress code. Serve Christmas cookies and cocoa on weekends. Set a schedule of what needs to happen and when and stick to it.

Jingle Bells… Christmas Sells, our eBook co-authored with Australia’s Debra Templar is loaded with holiday themed, print-ready poster packs created specifically for small retailers. Visit the Jingle Bells website to order.

5. Set your sales floor to encourage holiday sales. Make a list of these key areas and check them daily:

  • The Decompression Zone is the first 5’ to 10’ just inside your store’s front door. This is where shoppers refocus and collect themselves for the shopping ahead. They will miss anything you place here, so put your DZ to work by leaving it empty. Just beyond the Decompression Zone is where the shopping begins.
  • Speed Bump Displays are small tables loaded with irresistible product that are placed front and center, just beyond your Decompression Zone. Their job is to stop busy shoppers in their tracks and redirect their focus to your merchandise. Change your Speed Bump displays at least once a week, whether they need it or not.
  • Keep shoppers hands-free! Customers who shop with a cart or a basket spend 25 percent more in dollars and up to 15 minutes longer in the store. Place your carts and/or baskets just past the Decompression Zone and throughout the store. Keep an eye open for customers carrying product; you’ll want to get them a basket ASAP. We tend to tend to stop shopping when our hands are full. The Good-L Corporation makes shopping carts for even the smallest of stores. and take a look at their “basket carts.”
  • Cross-Merchandise by displaying complementary product together, you’ll save shoppers time and sell more stuff! Bundle items on tables; create kits, cross-merchandise with clip-strips and j-hooks everywhere you can. You’ll encourage add-on purchases and increase your average sale. has a wide selection of cross-merchandising accessories to choose from.
  • Impulse buying at the cash wrap. Women are infamous for making purchases on impulse, that’s why your cash wrap should be loaded with product she just can’t pass up. Set a fab display of gifts on the wall behind your cash wrap so customers never stop thinking about your merchandise. And be sure to place displays of cool product within reach of the cash wrap, so customers can continue to shop while they wait on line to pay for their purchases.
  • Encourage gift card/certificate sales: Studies show that 80 percent of customers spend more than the face value of the gift card, and 40 percent of customers spend more than twice the face value of the card. Push them this holiday – you can’t lose!A gift card stuffed in an envelope doesn’t look like much, even if it’s for a high dollar amount, but a gift card that’s placed in tissue paper and wrapped in a pretty gift box or a hand-quilted pouch is something special. Your gift card packaging builds a perception about your store in the customer’s mind when she opens it. Don’t skip this important step!

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