Seasonal Glass: 6 Fresh Spring Craft Ideas


Glass and gardens just seem to go together. The bright, elegant colors and textures of glass work beautifully against a backdrop of spring flora. In honor of the first weeks of spring, here are a few garden craft-friendly ideas picked fresh from our studio just for you.

Spring Project #1: A Blooming Stained Glass PanelBevels, Jewels, and Rondels

Let a new light panel saturate your patio with colored light. Warm golden shades like those depicted here have a brilliant effect on just about any outdoor space.

This project from Bogenrief Studios evokes bright shades of marigold and sunset, but no matter what color scheme you decide on, it’s sure to bring color and beauty into your home.

We have everything you need to create your own one-of-a-kind window pane. Swing by our warehouse or shop our online store to take a look at the glass art supplies we have in store for you.

If you’re interested in creating a new stained glass piece like this one, or if you have an idea of your own, visit our page on Bevels, Jewels, and Rondels, or shop our stained glass chemicals online here. 

Spring Project #2: Fused Florals for Every Craft OccasionGlass Fusing Introduction Class

We know you love fused glass, and we’re excited about sharing the basics with you during our Intro to Fusing class!

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is about to embark on their fused glass journey for the first time. The only limit is your imagination as you learn to piece together any of our spectacular glass products into a unique textured work of art.

Spring Project #3: Multi-Dimensional Tulips á la Paul MessinkPaul Messink Layered Glass Toulips

Paul Messink is famed for layered glass projects like the one here depicted, and it’s no wonder people love his work! Pieces like this instantly draw you in, whether indoors or out.

We love the look of simple floral designs in cool blue hues. The depth and shadow bring an otherwise flat design to life, making it a unique project to display.

If you’re interested in this beautiful fused project, you’re in luck. Messink is coming to Ed Hoy’s classroom in May. For more information, or to reserve your seat, visit our Class page here. 


Spring Project #4: Your Favorite Piece Hung on One of Our Garden Displays

Spring is here, and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the warm(er) weather and sunshine. You no longer need to be cooped up indoors and neither does your art. Whether or not your flowers are in bloom, you can breathe some life into your garden this season with our displays.

Glass doesn’t always have to be inside. Set your art free and discover how fast you can transform your garden, porch, or patio into a one-of-a-kind space. We have durable garden stands, hooks, and more to secure your work just about anywhere you want it.

Browse our garden display accessories here!

Spring Project #5: A Sunny Hot Glass MosaicNaperville Glass Mosaic Class

A hot glass mosaic is perfect for decorating the outdoors. This durable, attractive art form draws the eye with bright, uplifting patterns. Best of all, mosaics are incredibly versatile.

Whether you want to upgrade a garden wall, add some zest to your plain terracotta pottery, pepper stepping stones through your garden, or simply hang mosaic pieces in your patio, mosaic glass is a fun way to welcome the season!

If you’re interested in learning more about glass mosaics, you should take advantage of our upcoming Glass-on-Glass Mosaics class! In this course, you’ll be learning how to create beautiful layered fused glass pieces.

Spring Project #6: Fun Glass KaleidoscopesNaperville, IL Glass Kaleidoscope Class

What better allegory for spring than a traditional glass kaleidoscope? Flourishing colors and lights outdoors inspire new ways of looking at the world. We think a hand-made glass kaleidoscope is the perfect lens to enjoy the season through.

No matter what glass project you choose to take on this season, we have all the glass supplies you need to bring them into full bloom! Whether you’re just beginning to experiment with glass crafts, or a seasoned artists; seeking wholesale glass supplies, Ed Hoy’s International has everything you need to reach your goals!

Don’t forget to check out our glass art classes and workshops or browse our glass art supplies to spark some new ideas.

Above all, enjoy your spring!

Yours Truly,

Ed Hoy’s International