Featured Manufacturer – Schott


Our featured manufacturer, Schott Glass, is a well-known international company. Founded in the late 1800’s by Otto Schott, Ernst Abe, Carl and Roderich Zeiss, Schott glass finds its way into commercial, industrial and scientific applications as well as being well-received in the borosilicate glass art community. Their 33 COE borosilicate line Duran is very forgiving with drastic and rapid temperature changes, allowing artists to shape it into beautiful shapes.

As a very large company, Schott is able to offer their borosilicate glass tubes in a dizzying variety of sizes, lengths and thicknesses almost literally anywhere in the world. Artists and crafts-folk shape their glass into smoking pipes, jewelry, sculptures and more exotic installations and pieces. As a primarily industrial manufacturer of glass, Schott is able to deliver a consistency of quality to it’s artistic customers.
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