A Farewell to Uroboros Art Glass

Manufacturer of the Month: Uroboros

Uroboros KILN glass art: Michael Behrens

Kiln-casted glass sculpture by Michael Behrens using Uroboros glass.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Uroboros, like many other impeccable glass producers in the United States this year, are closing their doors. We’re sad to see yet another high-quality American glass producer go, but also honored to have worked with such an innovative glass producer in our many years of business.

Hailing from Portland, which has increased environmental regulations on local glass producers, Uroborus ranked high as a quality choice for glasswork of all kinds. Specializing in 96 COE products, Uroborus has been manufacturing quality glass products for 40 years, and we can only hope that someone can carry their torch of excellent design and production.

They’ve made tremendous contributions to our still-burgeoning art glass community, and we look on their work with fusible art glass with pride.

System 96 Glass

System 96 is widely known for bringing vibrant colors, textures, and designs to glass studios across the country and the world. This all-encompassing glass brand, previously produced by Spectrum Art Glass (who also closed down this year), was a leader in 96COE-compatible iridescent, textured, and accessory glass products. Perfect for Torchwork & Kiln Forming Alike

Uroboros was consistently an innovator in the industry, not only picking up the production of System96 products, but exploring blown glass products as well. Their line of 104 Effetre-compatible glass products is ideal for torchwork and for dichroic substrates. It’s an excellent choice for clear blown glass and torch-working with iridescent films, and an excellent alternative for boro users, and now may be the only chance left to stock up on their scientific glass.

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Uroboros blown glass art: Hans Joachim Ittig

Hand-blown glass bowl by artist Hans Joachim Ittig using Uroboros Art Glass

From handmade mottles and streakies to beautifully crafted collages, the Uroboros collection will not be forgotten. We will continue to stock and sell their impeccable products as

Our extensive selection of Uroboros glass features:

Short Sheets


Hand-Rolled Opals and Streakies

Fracture, Streamer, and Collage Glass

Hand Rolled Textures

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