Ed Hoy's International and Ronald McDonald House Chicago

Ronald McDonald House Chicago Ed HoyAs you may already know we had the wonderful opportunity to help out the new Chicago Ronald McDonald House this past June by supporting the installation of art glass in their lobby( Gloria Badiner), meditation room (TR Biddle) and guest rooms (Gloria Badiner).

Everything about this project was ‘right’ – Wonderful artists, generous manufacturers, and stunning results. And.. The House itself embodies so many more good things!

We simply want to say “THANK YOU” to all of our partners in this project. Your generosity has provided this wonderful house with artwork that makes it a home to all that enter.

We invite you to thank these contributors also, for representing our industry so well!

Spectrum Glass

Uroboros Glass

Bullseye Glass Company

Gloria Badiner ( Arts and Artifacts Studio)

TR Biddle ( Studio 19 LLC)

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