Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Creative Paradise

Creative paradise

This March we are featuring Creative Paradise, Inc. Creative Paradise designs excellent texture and form molds for a variety of artists. They design, manufacture and market molds, tools and projects for ceramists, glass artists and potters.


Creative Paradise, Inc. has been led by Stephanie O’Toole since its founding in 2000. Stephanie brought over a decade of experience in the ceramics mold industry to her new company when she purchased the assets of Kimble Mold as that company’s owners were retiring. Creative Paradise Glass gets its name from Stephanie’s quips to her husband that work was “another day in paradise”. Stephanie is also a master artisan and regularly hosts webinars for Glass Patterns Quarterly to pass on her skills and knowledge to other artists. Stephanie is self-taught and encourages new fusers to not be afraid to simply make mistakes and try new things.


Each mold is hand-crafted by artisans in the USA and undergoes several rounds of testing to ensure high quality. The company’s focus was once on on molds for ceramists and potters but Stephanie came across glass fusing at a convention and instantly fell in love with the artistry and beauty of the medium. The company has contributed many innovations to the industry and to art glass as a medium, such as the drop and drape mold which allows glass fusers to add more vertical elements to their projects.

Check out Creative Paradise molds in the Ed Hoy’s Store and let your own creativity take shape!