Glassblowing On the iPhone via the Chihuly App

Glass lovers everywhere can now simulate what it’s like to participate in the art of glassblowing via the iPhone and the new Chihuly App (free).

We’ve downloaded the app and we have to say that it’s quite interesting (and addicting!).

A tribute to famous glass artist Dale Chihuly, the app makes glassblowing digital by allowing users to blow into their phones to create their own masterpieces which can be shared with other app users or via the users’ social networks.

This is how it works, via Mashable:

With the app, users start with one of three different Chihuly forms: Fiori, Macchia, and Seafoams. Blowing into the bottom of the iPhone mimcks the effect of blowing into glass, and allows users to mold and shape their selected base glass to create their own unique masterpiece. After the molding is complete, users can bend, mold and curve their creations, as well as add colors, textures and additional shapes to complete their work of art.

Chihuly App