Bullseye Glass

Spotlight Glass Manufacturer: Bullseye Glass

Bullseye glass distributor and wholesaler

Ed Hoy’s International is the largest Art Glass Distributor in North America.  We are honored to stock and supply glass from many world-class glass manufacturers, including Bullseye Glass Company.

Bullseye Glass Wholesale

Bullseye is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting glass art. Our 40+ year wholesale partnership with Bullseye has made us one of the top Bullseye Glass Wholesale Distributors in North America.

Bullseye Molds and Frit

We offer a huge in-stock selection of Bullseye Glass, Bullseye Frit, and Bullseye Molds.  Ed Hoy also has the largest selection of unique one-of-a-kind Saturday glasses, along with other experimental and curious glass. We are proud to be one of the largest Bullseye Glass wholesalers in the US because of the company’s commitment to producing quality products and on-going educational opportunities to artists.

For the latest additions to our Bullseye inventory please visit our New Bullseye Glass section.

Bullseye Accessory Glass

In addition to offering this wide variety of sheet glass, we also offer Bullseye Accessory glasses. Used in many kiln-formed projects these accessory glasses, including frit, powder, stringer, rods and confetti, are produced from the same materials as Bullseye sheet glass. Our shelves are stocked full of design-enhancing accessory glass for your next kiln-formed project. Combining them can yield unique kiln-formed sheets of glass to incorporate into future kiln-formed projects.

Bullseye Glass Classes and Education

Bullseye Education offers several online courses for glass artists. Bullseye’s Kiln-Glass Education Online aims to inspire kiln-glass makers everywhere, helping them build foundational skills, acquire new techniques, and discover new forms and projects. Each 10-15 minute lesson is designed by Bullseye instructors and appropriate for everyone from beginners to advanced kiln-formers.

Established in 1974, Bullseye is based in Portland, Oregon and is known throughout the glass industry for their key contributions to kiln-forming, kiln-casting, flame-working, and cold-working methods used to create glass art. Bullseye produces only kiln-forming glass and is compatible with 90 COE glass.

For the hands-on glass fusing experience, feel free to register for one of our Bullseye-friendly art glass classes and workshops. 

If you’re interested in creating a work art with Bullseye Glass, you can shop our selection online here.