Art Marketing Wisdom from Seth Godin: Build Your Assets

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As glass artists we need to start thinking about marketing in terms of building our assets. Consider shifting your mindset away from the quick sale or easy transaction and towards a more long-term, strategic focus.

Buying a work of art is truly a personal experience for the customer. The experience they have with your brand as an artist should be much different than the experience they have with their local butcher.

Check out this article from marketing genius Seth Godin about the importance of building assets in your glass business.

Where are your assets?

Do work and get paid once. Build an asset and get paid for as long as it lasts.

A retailer or a restaurant owner might work 18 hours a day–but the landlord makes just as much money from that effort, often more. The cheeseburger gets paid for once, but the rent bill comes every month.

Real estate is an obvious and simple form of asset. In 1928, my great grandfather traded his real estate assets for the sure thing of the stock market. The biggest difference between the rental houses he owned and the worthless stocks he bought was that the houses paid rent every month, while the stocks offered merely the promise of a later payoff.

Some of the assets you can build, not just buy:

Your brand. A brand isn’t a logo. It’s a promise and an expectation. When you overdeliver, you earn trust, trust that can bring you repeat business, access to new opportunities and the privilege of being able to count on your customers coming back. (Yes, it does hurt to ask).

Permission. The privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to the people who want to get them. People who would miss you if you were gone.

Expertise. You might lose your job, but they can’t take away what you’ve learned. If all you’ve just done is what you’ve done before, you might get paid, but you didn’t earn an asset.


What assets surrounding your glassĀ businessĀ and marketing are you working on building?